xTech Ltd. is a russian software development company, one of the oldest IT companies in Siberian region of Russia. The company was founded in 1992 by a group of researchers of the Institute of Informatics Systems of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science.

xTech company works in the following areas of the Information Technologies:

  • Business applications
  • e-commerce
  • Internet/Intranet applications
  • Web site design and development
  • Databases, client-server applications (two-tier, multi-tier architecture)

We are located in the Novosibirsk Scientific Center, also known as Akademgorodok - an unique town of science in the middle of Western Siberia. The point is known now as "Siberian Silicon Valley" due to fantastic concentration of companies specialized in computer software and hardware. Thirty-five research institutes of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences and the Novosibirsk State University, one of the top three Russian universities, constitute an excellent source of highly qualified IT specialists.


The core of the company consists of IT professionals who have higher education, high professional skills and experience of many projects completed.

The team exists during the last 14 years since time of Kronos project. Kronos was the first Russian 32-bit workstation with original hardware and software. It had 32-bit processor with original high-level language oriented architecture (Modula 2 was used as assembler) and original multi-user and multi-task operation system OS Excelsior. The processor was also used as element of MARS (Russian fifth generation computer project) in government project START.

Kronos project participants started their own companies in early 90s: xTech, ProPro Group, InetLab. Former members of Kronos team successfully work in software companies in USA and other countries of the world.

From the very beginning xTech consisted of 2 parts: an application department and compiler department. Application department was charged with developing customer software and hardware, whilst the compiler department was charged with the programming systems design.

First projects of the company concluded software and hardware development as well (for example, Distributed Credit Card System for filling station,1993 and Control system for Geophysical Tomograph, 1993-94). Since 1995 company has totally gave up hardware design. In this time our software specialization was clarified: developing large database information systems using client/serer technology (such as Global control system for Nakhodka free economic zone Administrative Committee, 1995, and Information system for Municipal Bureau of Technical Information, 1996-98). In 1995 xTech became an authorized system integrator of INFORMIX Software Inc.

In 1996 the compiler department of the company separated into independent company XDS. The company XDS has split into two new companies in the end of 1999: Excelsior and Avalon's Tree. Both companies are in good partnership relations with xTech. Sometimes we made joint projects (e.q., LCR project, 1999).

xTech worked mainly for Russian customers, though we made some minor projects for abroad customers as well. After the financial crisis that took place in Russia in August 1998 the offshore software development became the main field of company activity.

In the present time our business experiences stable growth. The company has a lot of successfully completed projects behind itself and customers who are in fact our good partners.

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