Achievement of major savings

Outsourcing of work to companies that reside in less developed countries is an excellent opportunity to achieve major savings on:

  • Professional charges. Our rate is typically 3-4 times lower than you would expect from a US-based company.
  • Recruitment and training of new staff.
  • Office space rental and service.
  • Hardware and software purchase, upgrade, and maintenance.

Rapid access to qualified workforce

In the US, there are hundreds of thousands of unfilled IT positions. You may spend a lot of time trying to hire an appropriate person. But even if you manage to find a Russian specialist matching your requirements and willing to relocate, it would take many months to bring him/her to your site due to immigration restrictions.

At the same time, we either already have the required personnel available or are able to rapidly hire or contract. Another potential advantage of offshore software development is the possibility to double or even triple the workforce for a time critical mission without exceeding the allocated budget.

Better utilization of your local resource

Outsourcing of routine, technical part of the job, such as coding, debugging, and testing, frees the resources on your side for more creative tasks, such as requirement study, system design and architecture, specifications. Nevertheless, we are able to carry out project from studying customer requirements to final delivery.

Catch up with your competitors

Emerging of new communication technologies during the last few years has made IT jobs outsourcing a rule rather than an exception. In many commercial applications and other large software projects, some parts are developed offshore.

Although small companies are typically more willing to take risks connected with offshore developments, according with Internet publications, many IT giants, such as IBM, Motorola, Nortel Networks, Sun Microsystems, are already enjoying the above listed benefits. So it is very like that your competitors are doing it - why would you hesitate?

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