Business Issues

A project is usually organized as follows:

  1. You send a project proposal to xTech.
  2. We prepare a proposal that covers things like job content, milestones, copyright issues, rates, etc.
  3. Once all parties come to agreement, signed copies of the contract are exchanged via fax or express mail.
  4. We prepare project specifications (if not supplied by you).
  5. We proceed according to agreed project specifications until the contract is fulfilled.

Of course, in a particular case this scheme could be altered for your convenience. For instance, you could prefer to break down large projects into a series of small contracts.

Working at the project can be carry out by two different ways:

  • Project management is performed from customer side. Usually this way is used when we create team for carrying out only part of large project; it implies close communication with manager from customer side, regular reports from our side about productive hours and hour based payment.
  • We provide our project management and operate in terms of total project cost and project delivery date.


The character of the job may require access to your proprietary materials that you would like to protect from disclosure to third parties. In this case, non-disclosure agreements shall be signed. As for electronic transmissions, encryption software can be used to keep your information safe.

According with customer wish we can keep in secret even the fact of our participation in the project and undertake the obligation do not refer to the project without special permission of the customer.


You own the copyright on the code that is developed under terms of the contract. Any other portions of code that are owned by our companies, such as the xTech proprietary libraries etc., are licensed to you.


The following facilities can be used for communication with our offices in Novosibirsk: phone, fax, express mail (DHL, FedEx, UPS), and, of course, the Internet (e-mail, FTP, ICQ, IRC, etc.). We have full-time Internet connection.

Novosibirsk local time is +6 GMT, so the time difference with the US and Canada varies from 11 to 14 hours. The time difference has one advantage: we work while you rest, so if you e-mail us questions or problems at the end of your working day, you are likely to get them answered and resolved the next morning.

Finally, our executives and technical specialists may personally visit your site if this will be necessary.

Rates and Payment

Our rate for a particular job depends on its complexity, duration, and schedule tightness. The typical rate varies from $30/hour. This includes all kinds of overhead except travel and special equipment, if any is involved. This rate may be significantly lowered for the first project.

We are able to accept payments by direct transfers to bank accounts.

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